Roma Bakery and Deli

Fresh Daily Breads at Roma Bakery

Handmade Breads

French stick
Whole wheat
Stone ground bread
Sour dough with wild yeast

Buns for the Perfect Sandwich

Vienna rolls
Butter buns
Cigar rolls
Club rolls
Dinner rolls
Kaiser rolls (large and small)
Split buns
Submarine buns
Snack rolls
Whole wheat

Fresh bread at Roma Bakery
Handmade Breads

Delectable Pastries

All Roma pastries and cakes are made by hand. We offer a tremendous selection that are as delicious as they are beautiful.

Pastry Selection

Apple pie
Banana cream pie
Blueberry pie
Bulk cookies
Venetian canoli
Sicilian canoli
Cinnamon buns
Cherry pie
Chocolate chip buns Chocolate cream pie
Chocolate eclairs
Coconut cream pie
Cream filled croissants

Custard tarts
Eccele cakes
Lemon cream pie
Lemon meringue pie
Mini-croissants Muffins
Peach tarts
Pumpkin tarts
Raspberry tarts
Strudels, assorted
Vanilla Slices
Cream puffs


Roma Classic Pastries

Chocolate chip buns
Eccle Cakes
Pumpkin Tarts
Custard Tarts
Hand crafted strudels
Fruit Bars
Authentic Italian cookies

Pastries by Roma Bakery
Delectable Pastries

Cakes of All Kinds

Roma's pastry chef can work magic with cakes for all occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, and specialty character cakes. Come into the store to check out our very cool Decopac cakes.


Birthday cakes at Roma Bakery
Handmade Cakes