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Plain – Our most popular


Roma Bakery pepperoni pizza

Pepperoni and mushroom

Roma Bakery pepperoni and mushroom pizza

Hot and Spicy

Roma Bakery hot and spicy pizza

Oil and Garlic

Roma Bakery oil and garlic pizza

Roma Bakery’s Famous Slab Pizza

Priced at a tremendous value, Roma’s famous slab pizza (sometimes called bread pizza) has no trans fats, meat or dairy.

Roma’s pizzas make an affordable, delicious and healthy meal…

They are now available at the following major supermarkets in the Hamilton, Burlington and Oakville area:

  • Fortinos
  • Sobeys (including Grimsby and Beamsville stores)
  • Metro
  • Freshco (including Binbrook)
  • Walmart on Hwy. 20 and Rymal Rd. locations
  • Walmart Fairview in Burlington
  • Great Canadian Superstore in Grimsby
  • Lococos
  • Zehrs in Caledonia
  • No Frills on Nash Rd.
  • Foodland on Greenhill and Mt. Albion Sts.
  • Food Basics on Rymal Rd.

Roma’s slab pizzas are available in:

Below are a few of the comments I have received about our pizza. We love to get feedback from our customers –
it’s how we can serve you better. ~ Phil

Hi Phil,

I grew up in Hamilton and loved to eat Roma pizza at XMAS. I now live in Texas and my daughter and I are craving your awesome slab pizza. Have you ever had requests to ship your slab pizza via FedX or UPS to the U.S.? Is that a possibility? I really don’t care what the shipping costs would be as along as I could get a couple of those delicious slab pizza that would mean more to my daughter. Let me know. Thanks

~ Bill Fleming

Thanks so much for the kind words. Yours is not the first request for air shipment believe it or not. Unfortunately we are unable to ship it as keeping the sauce from moving around is unavoidable. However if you are ever back home please stop in to say hello and enjoy some with our compliments. Words like yours go a long way and are much appreciated. – Phil

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the response, I can’t tell you how much we miss your slab pizza. Oddly enough, I live 20 miles North of Dallas near Plano and I haven’t seen any product like it here in Texas which I find strange, maybe a good business opportunity.

As it turns out my sister-in-law is coming here for XMAS and is going to buy a Roma slab pizza, cut it up and vacuum pack it and bring it in her suitcase.

`~ Regards and Best Wishes for XMAS, Bill

Hi there! I grew up in Hamilton and often enjoyed your delicious pizza, especially at Christmas when my grandmother would go to your bakery and pick up several of your pizza’s for all of the grand kids (and adults) to enjoy. There is truly nothing like it!!!!  Every time I travel back to Ontario, my family/friends are always sure to have your pizza ready for me to enjoy.  I have yet to find anything that is quite as delicious and was wondering if you are able to ship pizza this way… we would happily pay whatever it takes!  Just going on your website made me crave it!!!

~ Sincerely, Jennifer

Believe it or not, we’ve had several requests to ship our pizza. Unfortunately due to the delicate nature of the product it has proved not possible. But comment like these are very gratifying indeed. ~ Phil

To Phil,

My sister’s boy friend just moved from Stoney Creek up here to Oshawa (Just East of Toronto) and he brought a Roma Slab Pizza….. it was the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Unfortunately there are no Fortinos east of Toronto so I hope that you will soon find a way to expand to this area. Thanks for making awesome pizza though!!

~ Peter, Whitby, Ontario

To Phil,

Thank you Philip. your pizza is very delicious and i just wanted to make sure there were no additives as the box says. I have dairy and pork allergies and wanted to make sure there was no cheese. I have never tasted such delicious pizza.


Hi Tess,

There is no dairy or pork in our slab pizzas. We have more than a few inquiries regarding dairy allergies but because we do not put on cheese, I am pleased to say that is not a problem. Of course there may be pork on our pepperoni pizzas. Thanks and if you are ever in the store ask for me or Rose. We are usually around or hiding in the back. Best Regards, Phil

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