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Roma Bakery believes in being a good community partner. Below are some of the charities we are proud to support.

  • Good Shepherd Centre
  • Out of the Cold
  • Transway Basketball
  • Knights of Columbus Association
  • City Kidz
  • Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Cancer Society
  • M.S. Society
  • Children’s Aid Society
  • Firefighters Association
  • Adonai Food Bank
  • Wesley Urban Ministries
  • East Hamilton Soccer
  • Stoney Creek Warriors Hockey
  • St Anthony’s Church
  • St. Francis Parish


Roma Bakery extends a heart-felt thank you to all the people who have submitted testimonials and to all our customers over the years who have made Roma Bakery what it is today.

Dear Phil, I wanted to let you know how wonderful one of your employees is – unfortunately I did not get her name. We were in the area for a soccer tournament on Sunday and we were looking for a place to eat (not much of a fast food family). We stopped in at your bakery and the girl explained that on Sundays you don’t have a lunch menu which is fine, so she mentioned that we could do it ourselves, bread and coldcuts. She helped get our coldcuts, sliced out bread for us, set up two tables for me my father and my two sons. This young lady went above and beyond to help us out. I wish I had got her name so you could recognize her. Food was great also thank you for having us.

PHIL'S RESPONSE: Thank you so much for your kind words! I think I know who it was but I will let find out…. They are such good kids most of them…I will definitely pass this on to my people. This goes a long way and gives us encouragement which is a tremendous boost to all including myself. Thank you once again. I found out it was Julia Monaco who is the leader with the students on the weekends. Some people need little direction. She is one such person. Thank you again. Phil

Love your slab pizza! Best I’ve tasted since visiting Italy. I have to come by and try something from your steam table one day this summer. Keep up the great work and food.

Hi , I just wanted to write a quick email to let you know the cake I ordered (custom) was delicious, beautiful, and got raving comments from my guests. Thank you Roma Bakery and the cake maker/ decorator. It was perfect and amazingly beautiful.

Hi Phil, I just wanted to send a HUGE thank you for the food we had at our party last night. Everything was delicious and the presentation of the meat, cheese and dessert trays was lovely. Thank you again. For never having ordered from you before, I was incredibly pleased with your service and food. And also thanks for the fresh breads, what a treat! I will definitely order again at our next event!!

PHIL'S RESPONSE: Hey Annette, Thanks for the kind words! I will pass that along to everyone here. It’s great to get feedback, especially positive. We are here for you anytime

Hi Phil, I grew up in Hamilton and loved to eat Roma pizza at XMAS. I now live in Texas and my daughter and I are craving your awesome slab pizza. Have you ever had requests to ship your slab pizza via FedX or UPS to the U.S.? Is that a possibility? I really don’t care what the shipping costs would be as along as I could get a couple of those delicious slab pizza that would mean more to my daughter. Let me know. Thanks

PHIL'S RESPONSE: Thanks so much for the kind words. Yours is not the first request for air shipment believe it or not. Unfortunately we are unable to ship it as keeping the sauce from moving around is unavoidable. However if you are ever back home please stop in to say hello and enjoy some with our compliments. Words like yours go a long way and are much appreciated.

Hi Phil, Thanks for the response, I can’t tell you how much we miss your slab pizza. Oddly enough, I live 20 miles North of Dallas near Plano and I haven’t seen any product like it here in Texas which I find strange, maybe a good business opportunity. As it turns out my sister-in-law is coming here for XMAS and is going to buy a Roma slab pizza, cut it up and vacuum pack it and bring it in her suitcase.

Hi there!
I grew up in Hamilton and often enjoyed your delicious pizza, especially at Christmas when my grandmother would go to your bakery and pick up several of your pizza’s for all of the grand kids (and adults) to enjoy. There is truly nothing like it!!!! Every time I travel back to Ontario, my family/friends are always sure to have your pizza ready for me to enjoy. I have yet to find anything that is quite as delicious and was wondering if you are able to ship pizza this way… we would happily pay whatever it takes! Just going on your website made me crave it!!!

PHIL'S RESPONSE: Believe it or not, her’s wasn’t the first request we have had to ship our pizza. Unfortunately due to the delicate nature of the product it has proved not possible. But comment like these are very gratifying indeed.

Hi Phil, Thanks for donating some food for my volunteers. Much appreciated!! If you have the jpeg logo, I will add it to my site with a link to your site. I will ensure that I brag about your buns. haaa

Love your slab pizza! Best I’ve tasted since visiting Italy. I have to come by and try something from your steam table one day this summer. Keep up the great work and food. Ciao 🙂

Thank you! We were delighted and impressed with the cheese, fruit and dessert platters you delivered to the Warplane Heritage Museum! We presented the platters to our guests at an 11pm coffee, during our Daughter\’s wedding. You helped make our event perfect. Thanks again!

Below is a review from
Roma Bakery has been in operation in the Hamilton area for over 60 years and everyone knows of it if you have grown up in our working class town.

As a child I have become infatuated with their plain pizza, which has become the taste of home. I have been away from home for years, and it is the only thing I crave from home for some reason. Other travelers I have met miss their Vegemite or Ghost Pops, but for me, it’s their pizza.

I am a person who can eat an obscene amount of food, at the same rate of a person suffering from obesity, and their pizza is always the one thing that can fill my void when it comes to hunger.

The pizza is so simple, yet so incredible. Some say its not even pizza, which I can understand, but it is. The pizza everyone always eats in our city and the surrounding areas is their plain pizza, which is simply bread with sauce on it. You can get pizza with cheese and meat on it, but for some reason, the plain choice is the most popular for the hungry citizens. The pizza is so popular you can purchase it fresh at every major supermarket at home, and every school child in Hamilton has had a slice of it as their special lunch meal.

If you are ever in Hamilton or the surrounding area, do yourself a favour and please purchase yourself some of this pizza which dances in your mouth because of their incredible flavours and fresh ingredients. I would consider this pizza as the city’s unofficial meal.

In 1952, when horse-drawn delivery carts were still a familiar sight on the streets of Hamilton, Philip DiFilippo, with wife Pauline, opened a small bakery and bread delivery service in the city’s north end.

Roma Bakery flourished as customers grew to appreciate the value and quality of the delicious fresh bread and buns it produced daily.

Today, quality, value and tradition live on at Roma Bakery, home of the famous slab pizza and one the busiest bakeries in the Hamilton and Stoney Creek area.

Over the years, Roma has expanded in response to the needs of its loyal and growing customer base. Carrying on their father’s tradition of quality, value and service, owners, Philip, Adam, and Joseph DiFilippo have gradually added pastries, a delicatessen and recently a hot food table to Roma’s repertoire.

Visit Roma Bakery soon and treat yourself to authentic Italian breads, pastries, a slice of famously delicious pizza, exquisite deli meat and cheeses, a hearty meal, and so much more…. and there’s plenty of free parking space.